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Monday, July 21, 2014

Agile, Cabbages, and Cardiologists.

Apologies for the long interval between postings, at the end of May I went on vacation to Hawaii. Just at the end of the second week I became, in medical slang, a CABG, no not the vegetable, I was the recipient of a cardiac arterial bypass graft, three of them to be precise. Some end to a vacation!

One of the interesting events during my medical treatment occurred on the morning of the actual operation. I was literally wheeled into the operating theatre, moved to the operating table, surrounded by a surgical team all bustling about their duties when all of a sudden the cardiologist calls "Time Out". At which the entire surgical team paused and was asked to give details of what they knew about the operation and raised any questions they might have. So I knew that it was me they believed they where operating on and what they were going to do to me. So it was a "Scrum Meeting", Needless to say I was paying close attention to what everyone was saying. They even asked me if I had anything to say. Silently I hoped that they were all on their “A” game.

My second thought was that I can't get away from project management even in extremis!

Needless to say it was successful, so chalk it up to another success for Agile practices. 

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