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Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's all about priorities, stupid!

Over previous posts I've bemoaned the incapacity of executives to prioritize projects. Too often like small children in the proverbial candy store they want it all. They are great at willing the ends, but lousy at providing the means. When tasked about this the usual response is to trot out glib sayings: be creative, think outside the box, work smarter not harder. All of which carry the sub-text of: "don't bother me with details that's what I hired you for."

Recently a project I'm working on was hit a by a resources conflict with another pressing project. In all truth the other project had a more compelling case in the short term. What was required was a realization that both could not be delivered has scheduled and that my project's schedule needed to be re-planned. Simple really.

Not so fast my logical project manager, was the reply. We need your project to finish on time. Just tell us what you need to manage this problem and we'll make it happen. Give us the information and we'll escalate with senior management. Sounded promising.

Well five weeks passed and nothing has happened. We are now at a point where action will be futile. The damage is done and can't be undone. The schedule has slipped but in an uncontrolled manner, with lots of confusion interspersed with bouts of frustration. We can manage most things, but stupidity can only be endured.

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